How much should I spend?

This is a very difficult question to answer but it’s a question that many people want the answer to before they invest their time in pursuit of their dream project.

Prices vary greatly in the conservatory industry depending on the quality of the project you want to have. You can buy plastic conservatories on the internet for just a few thousand pounds and you can buy plastic and timber conservatories from local ‘double-glazing’ companies fully installed starting from around £20,000

Bespoke timber conservatories start at around £35,000 including v.a.t . Lantern roof designs -orangeries- start at around £50,000 for a hardwood building and around £26,000 in upvc

Some of the specialist conservatory companies in the country including Morgan Bishop (that only sell conservatories, specialise in timber, and build to much higher standards) will occasionally design and build using uPVC where it can be justified.

Some designs, usually those with lots of brickwork or brick piers, can work with uPVC products. This option is usually reserved for newer properties that already have uPVC windows. uPVC on older properties has to be designed with great care, and on Listed buildings it should never be considered.

One thing that should be taken into account when purchasing a plastic conservatory is that the life expectancy of plastic is approximately 20 years – when looked after. Some of the cheaper products can deteriorate in less than half that time.

To build a ‘stunning conservatory’ which after all is what this advise is about – requires an understanding of the balance between structural requirements and aesthetic beauty – a section of timber profile used on one design may not be suitable for another.

For example: a Georgian orangery with delicate corner posts will look odd and may have structural problems. Likewise, a classic country glasshouse with large capital and plinth columns would never fall down – but would look ridiculous.

Building ‘stunning’ timber conservatories requires flexibility in design, manufacture and construction capabilities.

Bespoke conservatory builders specify their own products; they employ architects or professional designers, and have a hands on approach to a project from beginning to end.

Every conservatory should be designed and specified on an individual basis to achieve the ultimate result – a truly stunning conservatory.

Here is a list of a few alternative conservatory building companies that you might like to have a look at for some inspiration. – Norfolk – National – Ireland – National – Somerset – National – Oxfordshire – National – Lincolnshire – National

Other construction materials


For contemporary designs and commercial buildings aluminium is often specified. The high specification of the aluminium required for these projects results in a similar cost to bespoke timber.

Seasoned or air-dried oak can be used to build beautiful natural looking conservatories and normally adds around 25% to the cost of hardwood.

Stone, brick and hardwood combined can be used with great effect to build very grand Georgian orangeries. Depending on design and size, stone work can add between £4,000 and £10,000 to an average size project.

Tiled roofs on conservatories – a design generally called a garden room – will add between £6,000 and £9,000 to the cost of an average size conservatory.

Other costs to consider when planning your conservatory

Under floor heating

£60 – £140 per square metre. Wet systems (fuelled by a boiler pumping hot water through pipes set in the floor) are usually more expensive than electric as they take longer to install. You may have additional expenses for both wet and dry systems, as fuse board or boiler upgrades are sometimes required on older properties.

Tile floors

Basic tile floors start from around £35 per square metre. A good quality floor will cost from £40 per square metre and will usually cost £350 – £600 to install in an average size conservatory.

Tile floors work well with under-floor heating (both systems) and the range is endless. Remember that the smaller the tile the higher the cost will be to install it.

A good tip: By asking to see suppliers’ discontinued ranges (and as long as you can buy enough for the job with a few spares in case of accidents) you can often save up to 50%!

Timber Floors

I would never recommend laminated flooring for use in a conservatory. The frequent change in temperature tends to cause the joints to open up, and once that happens the floor is ruined.

Quality Engineered floor boards will cost more – a good board starts at around £50 per square metre – but you will get a lot longer life from it.

A good tip: When designing your amazing conservatory, don’t forget to allow for a suitable floor. Cheap looking floors ruin the feel of a conservatory in the same way that cheap looking work-surfaces ruin a kitchen.

Conservatory Blinds

Basic blinds start at around £3,000 for an average size conservatory. Pinoleum blinds for a 16 square metre space start at around £5,000 and electric blinds with remote control will usually cost over £10,000.

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“From concept to completion, you have been professional in every department.”

Mr & Mrs P. Norfolk

“We are absolutely delighted with our finished Conservatory but also have been delighted with the prompt courteous and efficient service, and attention to detail, follow up and excellent communication, from start to finish, and beyond, and would unreservedly highly recommend Morgan Bishop”

Mr & Mrs B. Hethersett, Norfolk.

“Throughout the build every member of your team demonstrated a very high skill level along with a desire to provide only the best.”

Peter & Elaine. North Norfolk

“You listened to us and took away our sketchy ideas, molded them into a workable design and built exactly what we hoped for.”

Mr & Mrs P. Heacham. Norfolk

“Thank you Matthew and your team for all your time, care and expertise, you could not have been more helpful… we are thrilled with our lovely new elegant room!”

Ali B. Harpenden, Herts.